Social issues 58'


The figure of the witch has bewitched the history of Pop culture. No longer a stepmother haunted by the idea of growing old in rivalry with her daughter-in-law, the witch is now a symbol of peace and sisterhood.


Over the years, witches in TV shows have unveiled powerful messages. Encouraged by these emancipatory models, contemporary witches no longer hide. Eloïse, Caroline, Sandy and Véro are a pastry chef, tattoo artist, illustrator and beer brewer. In the post-MeToo era, they reveal themselves, embodying the feminist, environmental and political aspirations of generations of women.


Make a witch rehabilitates the image of the witch, battered by centuries of patriarchal oppression. If witches have been the symbol of women's persecution, in this film they are the icons of their liberation.

Direction: Juliette Amans & Jennifer Aranda

Production: Flair Production

Languages: French

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