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Renowned cartoonists from the Arab world, Doaa and Amany are acclaimed worldwide for their work, which pushes the boundaries of freedom of expression and defies the censorship of their countries.


Doaa El-Adl, the first woman to be awarded the prestigious journalistic distinction in cartooning, is transforming the male-dominated world of Egyptian political cartoonists. Challenging patriarchal norms, she regularly faces censorship, harassment and death threats.

Amany lives in Idlib, Syria. Although her art is acclaimed and exhibited in Europe, she faces threats and condemnation in her homeland. In organizing her first exhibition in Syria, she faces the harsh realities of a city marked by bombing and male domination. She plans to flee the country, but her prospects are dwindling.


Through poignant testimonials that show the reality of female cartoonists confronting tradition, and animations that bring their most famous works to life, this series tackles the themes of violence against women and patriarchy through the female gaze.

  • Amany, behind the lines (Syria)
  • A stroke of freedom (Egypt)

Direction: Nada Riyadh, Alisar Hasan & Alaa Amer

Series created by Vincent Coen and Guillaume Vandenberghe

Production: Clin d’œil films, Point du Jour – Les Films du Balibari, A_Bahn in coproduction with ARTE France, RTBF, VRT & Shelter Prod

Languages: French

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