Human Stories 4x52'

Sist'earth: Cultivating change

How can humanity evolve towards this famous “world to come”? What if women had already started to act in order to heal the wounds of Planet Earth? How can we do this? By experimenting new ways of inhabiting the planet, of producing, of creating, of living together, this documentary series takes us from Kenya to India, from the West Indies to Poland, to discover territories in reinvention…


These women invite us to reflect on how can we find a peaceful link to the earth? Why does being a woman help to innovate positively? What are we looking for when we rediscover this contact with the living world, plants and animals? How are men involved and associated with these projects initiated by women? 

These stories and their stakes - reforestation, pacifism, gender equality, food autonomy, environmental health, water management, biodiversity, coexistence with the living world and wildlife - constitute the analytical grid for contemporary ecofeminism. 


In the West Indies, women farmers, artists, community activists and scientists are fighting against chlordecone, the poison of the West Indies, by reinventing the "Creole garden". In Kenya, the "sisters" of the Green Belt Movement created by Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize in 2004) are planting millions of trees in the Aberdares. In India, the women of Rajasthan are updating the traditional johad technique. In Poland, a network of women farmers and activists are fighting for women's rights by reinventing a harmonious coexistence with the living world and wildlife.

Eps 1: Kenya, Seeds of hope

Eps 2: West indies, The revival of the Creole garden

Eps 3: Poland, The return to Mother-Earth

Eps 4: India, The guardians of the Blue Gold

Direction: Pascale D’Erm & Cristoph Schwaiger

Production: Little Big Story for ARTE

Delivery: December 2023

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