Human Stories Nature 4x52'

Sist'earth: Cultivating change

On the front line of ecological degradation, and by experimenting new ways of inhabiting the planet, of producing, of living together, women around the world have started to create a new world to come, in alliance with men.


What are women’s relationships with the territories and their modes of action? Why does being a woman help to innovate differently and positively, in alliance with men? How can we connect more peacefully with the Earth? And what are we looking for when we rediscover this contact with the living world, plants and animals?


This documentary series takes us from Kenya to India, from the West Indies to Poland, to share vibrant human stories and highlight an arsenal of solutions - direct actions, ways of thinking, influences - that are off the beaten track of neoliberalism and patriarchy. They contribute to reinventing territories in all their dimensions, human, but also geographic, economic, social and natural and show that another way is possible.

Eps 1: Kenya, A Legacy of Hope

Eps 2: Guadeloupe, Healers of the Land

Eps 3: Poland, Seeds of Sharing

Eps 4: India, The Guardians of the Water

Direction: Pascale D’Erm & Christoph Schwaiger

Production: Little Big Story for ARTE

Languages: French, English

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