History Travel & Adventure 5x26'


“All roads lead to Rome”. This saying takes on its full meaning for those who observe Italy from the sky. This documentary series invites us to explore from above the country, its history and its treasures.


A vast network of Roman roads, ancient cities, composite landscapes… Seen from the sky, the Italian peninsula resemble a rich picture that reflects its evolutions through centuries – from the beginnings of the Roman empire to its hegemony, from the its fragmentation intro City-states to its unification (the Risorgimento) … to the emergence of a modern Italy. From Tuscany to Sicily, we discover the many natural and architectural jewels that have forged the country’s identity.


Mixing interventions of archaeologists and historians with superb aerial shots, this documentary series in five chapters allows us to grasp the history of Italy in a different light.

  • Episode 1: Roman Civil Engineering
  • Episode 2: The City States
  • Episode 3: Italian Unity
  • Episode 4: Cities of the 20th Century
  • Episode 5: A Telluric Tale

Direction: Roland Theron, Jean-Philippe Urbach & Adila Benedjaï-Zou

Production: Point du Jour for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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