Science Travel & Adventure 3x52'


Equipped with a telescope and camera, astronomer Stephen Rater and filmmaker Boris Wilmart set off on a backpacking expedition across South America to observe the sky and the stars.


Their stellar journey begins high in the Atacama Desert, at the foot of the world’s most powerful radio telescope (ALMA), and takes them all the way to the Kourou space center in French Guyana to watch the Ariane 5 rocket take off. Along the way, Stephen and Boris invite will invite local residents to contemplate the skies and question their relationship with the galaxy.


Revealing splendid images of celestial landscapes, this documentary combines scientific and philosophical reflections, inviting us to marvel before the universe and its mysteries.  

  • South America
  • France
  • Kirghizstan

Direction: Boris Wilmart

Production: Mona Lisa Production pour ARTE France & Ushuaïa TV

Languages: French, English

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