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Seen from the sky, Spain reveals a myriad of rich and varied landscapes. Through them, we can read the history of country, from the construction of Roman cities to the urbanization of the Costa del Sol, through the marks of the Reconquista.


At first, Spain was known as Hispania: the name given by the Romans when they invaded its land in the second century BC, thus marking the beginning of a Romanization process that saw the emergence of cities, roads, bridges, aqueducts… Then, Spain was Al-Andalus: nearly eight centuries of Muslim presence that enriched the country’s culture and architecture. After, Spain was made of castles and fortified cities during 800 years of Reconquista, which gave the impetus to a larger conquest: the times of conquistadors. Later, come the shattering years of civil war, also leaving their indelible traces.


This five-part series invites us to take a closer look at Iberian history and its impact on the landscape. In addition to the splendid aerial footage, the explanations of experts allow us - with the help of maps - to understand the five great episodes that make Spain what it is today.

Episode 1: When Spain was called Hispania

Episode 2: Al Andalus, Muslim Spain

Episode 3: La Reconquista

Episode 4: The times of the Conquistadors

Episode 5: The legacy of the Civil War

Direction: Thimotée Janssen & Mike Magidson

Production : Point du Jour for ARTE France

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