Art & Culture History 52'


Painter of the Sistine Chapel, sculptor of the David and Pièta, and architect of St. Peter’s Basilica’s dome: Michelangelo’s work embodies the image of a glorious Roman Catholic Church. Yet, one sculpture casts doubt on the religious convictions of the man nicknamed the “divine artist”.


In 2001, art restorer Antonio Forcellino was commissioned by the Vatican to renovate the tomb of Pope Julius II, an unfinished artwork by the Renaissance master, commissioned by the Vatican. To carry out his work, Forcellino immersed himself body and soul in the life and work of the artist. Doing so, he made a startling discovery: Michelangelo has been suspected of heresy for having mixed with Protestant brotherhoods…


With the help of specialists and art historians, the restorer embarks on a fascinating investigation to shed light on a dark and little-known side of the artist’s life. Rich in historical re-enactments, this film takes us to the heart of the Italian Renaissance, a time of profound religious turmoil.

Direction: Fabrizio Ruggirello 

Production: La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse & DocLab for France Télévisions 

Languages: French

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