True crime 4x52'

Corsican Mafia: Code of Silence

Corsica, early 1980s. The rise of a clan, based in the city of Bastia, brings terror to the French island. Soon, they become one of the country’s biggest bandit groups. Here is the mythical story of the Corsican gangsters of “La Brise de Mer”.


Intimidation, money laundering, hold-ups, murders… For 30 years, the members of La Brise de Mer have ruled the island. By accumulating an ever-increasing number of investments, by ruthlessly eliminating all competition and by forging alliances with politicians and businessmen, the mafia group gradually built up its empire. Money flowed freely and impunity was complete. Indeed, in face of La Brise de Mer, everyone observed the law of silence…


From the murder of Corsican godfather Louis Memmi in 1982, through a series of high-profile heists and escapes, to the internecine warfare between its two figureheads – Richard Casanova and Francis Mariani – this true crime series traces back the itinerary of a ruthless and legendary mafia group. A captivating saga combining archive footage, re-enactments and testimonials from former gangsters, jurists, police officers and journalists.


  1. Corsica Godfathers
  2. A Time for Heists 
  3. The Heist of the Century
  4. The End of A Gang


Direction: Franck Guérin

Production: Patrick Spica Productions for CANAL+

Languages: French, English

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