Back to the Wild 2x52' 4K by Thierry Berrod & Sylvie Ruet


Never before has biodiversity been in such danger, especially because of noise and light pollution.

From Canada to India, from Australia to Europe, lockdowns made essential by the COVID-19 pandemic have given the natural world an unprecedented opportunity to reclaim what we have taken from it. As wild animals evolved in a quieter world, scientists took the opportunity to fully grasp their behaviors. And whether it is about turtles’ egg-laying, birds migration or insects reproduction, the positive effects are already visible.

By following the large-scale experiments launched across the world a few months ago, this film observes what happens in the wild when the nights are dark and the days are silent.


Direction: Thierry Berrod & Sylvie Ruet

Production: Mona Lisa Production for ARTE G.E.I.E

Genre: Nature

Available versions: French, English


  • Episode 1: Be quiet!
  • Episode 2: Back to dark night!

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