History 52'

William The Conqueror: Forging his destiny

Early 11th century. On the death of his father Robert I, eight-year-old William inherits the duchy of Normandy. Born of a mismatch and considered as a bastard child, his title and legitimacy were challenged by a coalition of lords. For young William, it is the beginning of a first decisive conquest: that of his identity.


His victory at the Battle of Hastings and his accession to the English crown made him one of the most emblematic figures of the Middle Ages. Yet, a whole part of his history remains largely unknown today… How did William go from “bastard” to “Conqueror”? While reviving the landscapes, lords and battles of Norman history, the film tells the tumultuous youth of a powerful monarch in the making.


Through its impressive historical reenactments, enriched by the explanations of great specialists, this docudrama plunges us into the heart of medieval Normandy and traces the destiny of one of its greatest heroes.

Direction: Fabien Drugeon

Production: Keren Production for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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