History 52'

William the Conqueror

Normandy, France, the 11th century. Guillaume “Le Bâtard”, known in English as William the Conqueror, succeeded his father as Duke of Normandy at the age of eight. Despite being impetuous, he was a shrewd strategist who turned Normandy into a powerful duchy, feared by the king of France.

After the death of Edward the Confessor, William seized the crown in England thanks to his victory in the battle of Hastings in 1066. This conquest made him one of the most powerful monarchs in western Europe and led to some profound changes in English society, as the Anglo-Saxon elite was replaced by Norman lords.

To immerse the viewer in this amazing adventure, this documentary blends drama with explanations by passionate historians and specialists, enriched by historical reconstructions. From 1027 to 1087, this film retraces 60 years in the life of a man who transformed the Middle Ages and laid the foundations of a new Europe.

Direction: Frédéric Compain

Production: Les Films d'Ici

Languages: French, English

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