History 4K 52’ 90’

Chasing Dragons: The Forgotten Knight of the Round Table

2010, Paris. A young medievalist discovers a fragment of an unknown tale in an ancient manuscript of Merlin’s Prophecies. The story of a knight from King Arthur’s court named Segurant the Brown, condemned by Morgan le Fay to pursue an imaginary dragon.
The researcher, Emanuele Arioli, has a nose for tracking down manuscripts, and sets off on the trail of the Knight of the Dragon. For ten years, he haunts the most beautiful libraries in Europe and the world, and combs the legendary settings of the Arthurian legend, seeking fragments in burnt and damaged manuscripts until he manages to piece the whole story back together.
A gripping investigation to revisit and complete the most famous tale of Medieval Times: the Knights of the Round Table.

Direction: Marie Thiry

With Emanuele Arioli

Production: ZED for ARTE & Histoire TV 

Illustrations: Antoine Carrion


Selected at the Sunny Side 2022 History pitch session

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Festival Etonnants Voyageurs

    Official Selection

  • Les Rencontres Archéologiques de la Narbonnaise

    Official Selection

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