Nature Science 2x45' 90'


For many decades, astronomers were scrutinising the galaxy in search of planets similar to our own. But no solar system seems to have the delicate organization that made it possible for the terrestrial ecosystem to emerge. Could it be that we are the winners of some improbable cosmic lottery? What if planet Earth were unique and singular?


There is a strong case to be made that the presence of life on Earth is the result of a succession of a chain of the most improbable flukes. While the origins of life remain shrouded in mystery, there is much we have learnt that explains why life on our planet became possible. And none of it suggests that life itself is anything but the most remarkable combination of extremely unlikely events!

Relying on the work of astronomers, cosmologists and biologists, our film takes us on an exploratory journey to the heart of our solar system, revealing the incredible, even improbable chain of events that resulted in the emergence of life on Earth.

Direction: Laurent Lichtenstein

Production: Point du Jour, France Télévisions Studio & CNRS

Languages: French, English

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