Science 4x43’ 4x52’

Life in Hell

Just 30 years ago, scientists believed that certain places on Earth were sterile. Life there was simply impossible, just as it is absent from other planets.

But we now know certain creatures are perfectly adapted to these conditions, which would prove fatal for the vast majority of organisms. Scientists have dubbed them “extremophiles” – those who like extreme conditions

These documentaries pack a strong visual punch, combining numerous Cineflex aerial shots with the latest techniques for filming with optical and electronic microscopy.

The chosen habits for extremophiles offer some unrivalled scenery in terms of strangeness, beauty and variety of landscapes.

The bizarre colors and shapes and the curious behavior of these micro-organisms make each unique ecosystem especially visual, whether seen from the air or under a microscope.

  • Survivors of Salt and Acid
  • Survivors of the Heat
  • Survivors of the Cold
  • Survivors of Darkness

Direction: Thierry Berrod & Vincent Amouroux

Production: Mona Lisa Production & ARTE

Languages: French, English

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