Science XR 4K 2x45' 90' VR-Experience

Terra Futura

In 2022, the COP27 stressed once more on climate’s emergency: global warming is getting out of hands, threatening our own survival. But on Earth life will go on long after man’s extinction!


Thanks to current knowledge in astronomy, biology and physics, we are able to imagine what our planet’s ecosystems will look like in 25 million, 250 million and 1 billion years. Supercontinents will form, new species will appear: life will keep on evolving and adapting to the most hostile climatic conditions. And this for over hundreds of millions of years.


This film offers a dizzying trip through the future, unfolded as a captivating scientific epic at the limits of terrestrial life, unveiling the genius and incredible resilience of living beings.

Direction: Laurent Lichtenstein & Annamaria Talas
Production: ZED & SAM Content for France Télévisions & Screen Australia
Delivery: End of 2025

Languages: French, English

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