History Megastructure 4K 4x52'

Besieged fortresses, legendary battles - Season 2

Built at strategic points, and fitted with impressive fortifications and ingenious systems to counter attacks, fortresses are thought to be impenetrable. And yet, certain skillful warlords have successfully stormed them. How did they manage this?
By recounting how some of the most remarkable sieges - between the 12th and 16th centuries - played out, this series revisits the construction of these megastructures and reveals the different strategies used to lay or to endure a siege. Thanks to CGI, dramatized scenes, and with the help of key experts, it immerses us in the compelling confrontation between the construction genius of the military strategists and the ingenuity of some exceptional warriors.
  • Episode 1: Acre: Clash of the Titans (1189)
  • Episode 2: Rhodes: The Ultimate Battle (1522)
  • Episode 3: The Great Siege of Malta (1565)
  • Episode 4: The siege of Constantinople (1422)

Direction: Fabrice Buysschaert, Sophie Scala, Marion Vaqué-Marti & Angèle Berland

Production: ZED for CuriosityStream & Histoire TV


Languages: French, English

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