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Truman Capote & the murder of Holcomb

This is the story of a sordid event, "The Holcomb Crimes": the murder of a family by Perry Smith and Richard Hickock. Writer Truman Capote, captivated by the story, decided to write a book on the subject.


When he published his "nonfiction novel" In Cold Blood in 1966, he was exhausted by the 6 years of investigation and writing, and haunted by the relationship with the two killers that he had maintained in order to write his book. He fell into a deep depression.


Paradoxically, In Cold Blood was a huge success, with thousands of sales worldwide. How was this book written? How did its author develop a method and an approach to the true crime story - which today serves as a model for all journalists and writers who choose a true crime story as their subject?


Capote's moral and physical downfall is the dramaturgy of this film, its narrative line: how Holcomb's ghosts never left Capote in peace for 20 years, until his death.

Direction: Julien Gaurichon & Frédéric Bas

Production: GoGoGo Films for ARTE

For the 40th anniversary of his death in August 2024

Languages: French, English

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