Nature 52'

Wild Brittany

In the northwest corner of France lies Brittany, an immense rocky peninsula that has braved the Atlantic for millions of years. This land of contrasts is famous for its many treasures and breathtaking landscapes. But the wealth of the Breton coast doesn’t end there. 

Following the first sorties of a fledgling herring gull, the epic journey of an Atlantic salmon, and a hedgehog’s frenetic quest for food, this film provides a glimpse of the fauna that lives on and around this wild territory.

This magical natural heritage is poetically revealed through some spectacular footage, as each species continues to write the history of a land with a vibrant soul and unique character.

Direction: Lucas Allain, Basile Gerbaud, Romain Guénard, Matthieu le Mau

Production: Les Artisans du film

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