Travel & Adventure 7x52’

7 days, 7 nights

This series takes you on a journey of discovery through the cities of France.

Spend 7 days and 7 nights in Menton, Biarritz, Nancy, or even La Rochelle. Discover their inhabitants, their history, life in each of them.

- Biarritz 

- Menton

- Nancy

- Clermont-Ferrand

- Nîmes

- Ajaccio

- La Rochelle 

Direction: Élise Casta-Verchère, Carole Gréco, Régis Croizer, Mélanie Gallard, Anna Kwak, Julie Darde, Emilie Helmbacher, Romain Marchal

Production: Elephant Doc and ZED for TF1

Languages: French

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