Nature Travel & Adventure 2x52’ 3x26’ 110’

Treasures of Tahiti

Beyond the picture-postcard setting, behind the strings of flowers and pearl jewellery, the Tiaré flower and black pearls are victims of pollution and human greed. Specialists are worried by their decrease in productivity.


But that's without taking into account the amazing energy of those who protect them, who endlessly manage to renew their image, diversify what's on offer, and maintain the cleanest environment possible in order to ensure the development of these veritable treasures of Polynesian heritage.


An epic human adventure, this documentary introduces us to the artisans who cultivate, transform, and work with Tiaré flowers and black pearls. It's an opportunity to take a different look at these icons of Tahitian culture of which the public at large has not yet discovered all the secrets.

  • La Perle Noire de Tahiti
  • Tiaré, la Fleur des Fleurs

Direction: Sylvie Aguirre & Denis Pinson

Production: ZED for France Ô

Languages: French, English

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