Travel & Adventure 2x52’ 2x26’ 110’

New Zealand, a Legendary Land

On the other side of the globe, just a few miles away from Antarctica, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, lies a natural territory like no other: New Zealand. This jewel of the Pacific is also the cradle of Maori culture. This people has a very special bond with this land, its fauna and flora, considered by the "tribes" as members of their families.

Although remote, New Zealand is not spared from global warming, vulnerability to ultra violet light and the often devastating human presence and mass agriculture. Today, by returning to their ancestral customs and values, the Maori are bringing nature back to the forefront and leading the way, bringing the western world along with them.

This film travels through this unique country through human struggles and adventures that give nature its priority back and tries to understand the fusional relationship that the Maori have with nature, far from the usual codes of the western world.

Episodes 2x52':

- New Zealand, the Maori Heritage 

- New Zealand, Biodiversity at Stake 

Direction: Pierre Belet

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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