Social issues Travel & Adventure 77'


At the edge of the railway, in America, hobos try to defy the forbidden: catch a freight train without being seen. They are lonely women who have chosen this life of travelling without any particular destination, crossing landscapes in a gigantic iron snake.


Cristina, Karen and Ivy reveal themselves to the director's camera, their travelling companion for the duration of the shoot. He tries to capture what drives them, their taste for adrenaline, solitude and, above all, freedom.


As he filmed them, he brought them together, and they complemented each other: they all have a zest for life, a spiritual quest, an eternal rebellion. They are stronger than men, stronger than society.

Direction: Arno Bitschy

Production: Les Films du Balibari, NapaFilms, La Lucarne, YLE, Lyon Capitale TV for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

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