Travel & Adventure 5x52'

On the Rails

A writer, journalist and major reporter, Olivier Weber took his camera around the world, to the compartments and wagons of trains.


Because the train is a unique starting point to discover a country, this documentary series renews the genre of rail travel by taking the time to meet the people, appreciate the stories and the daily life of the inhabitants met along the way.


From Mauritania to Sicily, from Mexico to the USA and Czech Republic, each episode takes us onboard an emblematic train, to meet those who live, eat and sleep and build projects there... 


On the Rails also explores what surrounds this legendary means of transport: The villages, the breathtaking landscapes, the must-see tourist steps, the train stations, the countryside and the mountains crossed by the journalist.

  • Mauritania
  • Sicily
  • Mexico
  • USA
  • Czech Republic

Direction: Olivier Weber

Production: Bo Travail ! for Voyage

Languages: French, English

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