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What Women Want at Work

In many respects, women have always struggled to be considered the equal of men. Today, the question of women’s position seems to be at the crossroads of all important and pressing topics of our time: politics, education, society, environment… and work. And yet, despite statistics showing that women earn on average 18% less than men anywhere in the world, some companies are actively trying to fight inequality and prejudice.

What Women Want at Work introduces those who do things differently: companies and public administrations where women are recognized and rewarded at their true value, and where maternity isn’t a handicap. Such organisations have created more egalitarian and happier work environments.

Discover a new way of considering women’s social position, to sustainably deconstruct prejudices that hold women back at work - and ultimately everywhere else.

Direction: Martin Meissonnier

Production: Campagne Première

Languages: French

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