Nature 26'

The realm of the little owl

Faithful companion of the Greek goddess Athena, the little owl is known since ancient times. But today, its existence is threatened. This film takes a curious and benevolent look at the daily life of this small bird.


Once widespread, the little owl is now tending to disappear from the countryside. This rarefaction is mostly the result of intensive agriculture. In Wallonia (Belgium), the association Noctua fights for the preservation of this golden-eyed owl. In one of the nesting boxes installed by the volunteers, a family has taken up residence: an opportunity for us to discover the behavior of these birds, from nest to flight.


By carefully filming the Walloon countryside and its various inhabitants, this documentary is a delicate eulogy of nature, reminding us how important its preservation is.

Direction: Robert Henno

Production: Into The Wild Productions

Languages: French, English

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