Art & Culture 4K 52'

The Real Thing: Real Life in a Copycat World

Sixty Eiffel towers, a dozen of Great Pyramids of Giza, thirty leaning towers of Pisa, over eighty copies of the White House… Architecture doppelgangers are multiplying all over the world. Between lucrative investments, architectural piracy, and modern tourism, each of these places expresses an aspect of how our planet is being transformed through globalization.

Do these places have something in common? How different are they from copies of the past? Are they more than just copies?

From Europe to Dubaï via Ivory Coast, this documentary in 4K takes us behind the appearance of these replicas to meet the people at their origin, and those who bring them to life: investors, architects, guides, and inhabitants. A voyage into a copy of our world.

Direction: Benoit Felici

Production: ARTLINE Films for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

awards & festivals

  • Hot Docs Festival

    Selected for the Official Program

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