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The Eternal Notre-Dame

April 15, 2019, the world holds its breath: Notre-Dame de Paris, France’s leading monument to which 13 million visitors flock each year, is in flames. The attic, the wooden roof, and the spire by the architect Viollet-Le-Duc are collapsing. But in the midst of this nightmare, a miracle occurs: This masterpiece of Gothic architecture of 5,500mfinally stands firm.

It is not the first time the great lady of France almost met her end. The 130-meter long and 48-meter wide church almost never even came into being.

Thanks to exceptional permission from the French Ministry of Culture, this film will go behind the scenes of this reconstruction process to reveal its mysteries. With the help of unpublished archives, interviews with top experts, reconstructions, and computer-generated images, this film will unlock the secrets of Notre-Dame’s construction, the techniques invented and deployed by its builders, the threats it has faced over nearly nine centuries, and the plans for its future renovation.

Direction: Stanislas Kraland

Production: La Famiglia for RMC Découverte

Languages: French, English

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