Nature 4K 52'

The Last Refuge

On the edges of the Rift Valley in Tanzania, pressure from both climate change and human activity is reducing the land left for wild animals at an alarming rate. The banks of the Riva Ruaha are the last remaining watering place and a meeting point for all species. It is an Eden under threat where prey and predator alike can be found: Elephants, lions, baboons, buffalo, and antelope must all learn to live together in this endangered environment that has become their last refuge. Will they kill one another, slowly wiping themselves out, or on the contrary, adapt to this challenging situation?

For more than a decade, directors Jean Barraud and Romain Quillon have been continually filming these species that have sought refuge in the Ruaha reserve.

This wildlife documentary tells the story of how this natural ecosystem has evolved, and conveys its directors’ emotion as they witnessed the gradual destruction of a natural world that they knew at its peak, and their fascination in the face of the exceptional resilience and solidarity demonstrated by wild animals as they fight for survival.

Direction: Jean Barraud & Romain Quillon

Production: ZED & JBIZ productions for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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