Investigation & Politics Nature 4K 52'


From the fertile lands of South America to the vast fields of Europe, farmers exploit this tuber, whose history has shaped culinary identities the world over, and whose nutritional value is such that it has been able to curb many famines. Today, however, production of this tuber is steadily declining. Once capable of growing anywhere, it now has to cope with unpredictable weather, extreme rainfall, emerging diseases, impoverished soils and increasing drought.


Exploring the scientific innovations and sustainable practices emerging to support potato cultivation; from varieties resistant to changing climatic conditions to smart irrigation systems, the aim is to understand how science and technology offer promising solutions to ensure global food security.


The film explores the challenges facing potato production, trading and consumption in Europe, while highlighting the international environmental, societal and economic issues that underpin this burning issue.

Direction: Sylvie Aguirre

Production: ZED for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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