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Killing death: the hayflick limit

While the chances of immortality may be very thin, about 500 people, aged 2 to 101, from around the world, have already committed their bodies or brains to cryonics, over the past 50 years. Frozen in liquid nitrogen, they put their trust, lives and fortunes into the promise of being revived one day by advanced future medicine. 

How cryonics actually works? What are the ideology and business behind it? What are the chances that these bodies will be reanimated one day? Is any of this really scientific, or is it just wishful thinking? And what does it say about our society? 

This character-driven documentary offers a journey to the heart of Silicon Valley, where some of the latest technologies are being developed. 

Immersed into a high-tech cryonics clinic in Arizona, USA, eligible participants to this scientifically and ethically controversial endeavour, will share their perspectives with us. As counterpoint, a diversity of experts will nuance the scientific reality of cryopreservation, and highlight the issues at stake, before this utopian dream can one day become real.

Direction: Thomas Licata

Production: Les Films de la Passerelle & Calisto Productions for RTBF, LCP-Assemblée nationale

Selected at 2022 FIPADOC's and Sunny Side of the Doc’s Talent Hub and Doc Around Europe Award at DOK Forum Munich Marketplace.

Languages: French, English

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