Investigation & Politics Science 52'


A woman is on average 15 cm shorter than a man. Is it simply a biological cause or the result of a social construct? This documentary tackles a size issue: that of sexual dimorphism.


In the collective mind, such a difference in size between men and women is generally perceived as evidence. Yet, the largest mammal on Earth is female: it is the blue whale which is nearly 30 m long! That is proof that sexual dimorphism in size is often not what we would except… Beyond genetic concerns, this film brings to light the social side of this phenomenon.


To find an answer, we turn to experts in many different fields (biology, anthropology, zoology, sociology, obstetrics…) and from all over the world. By mixing scientific observations, archival footage and 3D animations, this documentary draws a history of evolution that puts women in the spotlight.

Direction: Véronique Kleiner

Production: Point du Jour, ARTE France, PICTA Productions, CNRS Images & CNDP

Languages: French, English

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