Social issues 68'


Jo-Elle, Elisabeth, Alain, Michèle and Christiane all suffer from Alzheimer's disease. The film follows their daily lives, surrounded by their families and caregivers, as the disease turns their lives upside down.


In this process of transformation brought about by the disease, they experience pain, laughter, absence, revolt, silence... How can we live with this predicted loss of self and others? How can we keep in touch with our loved ones when we see them losing themselves and losing us? These are questions faced by patients and their families alike.


Rarely told by those who live it, Alzheimer's disease is portrayed through the prism of those affected and their loved ones, thanks to a series of poignant and intimate testimonials.

Direction: Marie-Pierre Jaury

Production: Point du Jour - Les Films du Balibari

Languages: French

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