Science 4K 52'

Beyond Movement: Our 6th Sense Revealed

Supernatural intuition, power of the mind, the 6th sense has never ceased to be a sort of fantasy. Yet, beyond our five senses, there is indeed a hidden sense, often ignored by all: proprioception, which allows us to move about, write and catch an object in movement. It is indispensable to us, essential for our balance, our displacements, as well as to ensure the coordination of our movements.

How is this 6th sense organized? How does it evolve during our existence? Is it possible to train it? Embark on a scientific investigation to discover this little-known sense.

This film will be largely illustrated by the choreography of the Yoann Bourgeois company dancers. By their movements, they render this hidden sense somehow visible. Often in unstable balance, seemingly frozen in suspension before a fall, playing with the bounce of a trampoline, struggling against a unstable stage, or playing with a system of counterweights, they embody to perfection and with poetry and grace all the capabilities and functioning of our proprioception.

Direction: Vincent Amouroux

Production: Mona Lisa Production for ARTE France

Languages: French, English

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