History Megastructure 3x52'


At the heart of desert landscapes, once stood three giants, three builders’ masterpieces, three symbols of all powerful civilizations: Carthage, Troy and Persepolis.


Their remains testify to their titanic proportions, unique designs and unprecedented constructions. But how did the Carthaginians come to create a cutting-edge hydraulic system? How did Trojans architects construct a city known to be indestructible? How did Darius I, “king of kings”, made built one of the largest palatial complexes ever? This series aims to solve the many secrets of these architectural tour-de-force.


Through experts’ insights, 3D modeling and the use of ultramodern techniques (magnetic resonance, satellite scans, photogrammetry…), Ancient Megacities scrupulously explores the sites where once stood these architectural jewels, retraces step by step their construction process and tries to decipher the remaining mysteries about their disappearance. 

  • Episode 1: Carthage: Empire of Water
  • Episode 2: Troy: Defensive Megastructures
  • Episode 3: The Palaces of Persepolis: Delusion of Greatness

Direction: Marion Vaqué-Marti, Angèle Berland & Fabrice Buysschaert

Production: ZED for TCD, ZDF & Histoire TV

Delivery: End of 2023

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