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On average, 1 in every 8 people worldwide lives with a mental disorder and yet, people who suffer from it remain largely stigmatized. While the Covid-19 pandemic has loosened tongues on the topic of mental health, there’s still a long way to go. 


In 2020, four 20-something French came up with the idea of creating an association for people who - like themselves - suffer from psychic or psychotic disorders. Together, they imagined a place far removed from over-medicalization and psychiatric confinement: the “Maison Perchée”. A place for sharing and mutual support, where everyone can find their place and assert their singularity.


Filled with gentleness and poetry, this documentary follows the step-by-step progress of this project led by a handful of united young adults, driven by a steely determination. As their dream takes shape, our four friends tell their own stories, sharing their fears, sufferings and hopes…

Direction: Ketty Rios Palma

Production: Tohubohu for France TV Slash 

Languages: French

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