History 4x52'


As the arrival of migrants on French and European shores is once again hitting the headlines, the history of France of the past two centuries reveals that immigration played a central role.


In the 1920s, France had become the first country of immigration in the world, before the United States. Today, nearly 20 million French - more than a quarter of the French population - trace their roots back to places outside the national territory. A fact that should give a new meaning to the definition of “nation”, taking into account the reality of the world today.


Our "Stories of a Nation" are those of generations who came to make a new life in France. 150 years of the history of France told by the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the women and men for whom becoming French had been a defining moment in their personal history. Their stories are shedding light on how their forebears were welcomed and how the French republic gradually redefined its laws on nationality.

Episode 1: 1870-1927: Arriving in a New Land

Episode 2: 1927-1954: Caught up in the Turmoil

Episode 3: 1954-1974: Our Fathers' Glory

Episode 4: 1973-2005: A Story of Generations

Direction: Françoise Davisse, Yann Coquart & Carl Aderhold

Production: Point du Jour for France Télévisions

Languages: French, English

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