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Once upon a time: Love in a French Way

From married women’s legal incapacity to their full autonomy, from the notion of marital duty to that of consent and the condemnation of marital rape, from the institution of civil marriage to the legalization of same-sex marriage… It is clear that matters of the heart are also a matter of state! This three-part series shows that French ways of loving are first and foremost a political, social and cultural construct, inseparable from the country’s history.


By mixing archives with the multiple testimonies from people of all generations, sexual orientations and genders, this documentary series reviews the codification of feelings over the years.

  • Épisode 1 : Les premiers pas : 1789-1914
  • Épisode 2 : Pour le meilleur et pour le pire : 1914-1956
  • Épisode 3 : Désir et consentement : 1956 - Aujourd’hui

Direction: Françoise Davisse, Carl Aderhold, Mike Magidson & Cédric Defert

Production: Point du Jour & Les Films du Balibari for France Télévisions

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