Nature 52'

Sperm Whales: Encounter of a new kind

They are the biggest predators on the planet. They can be up to 20 meters long and they clearly exceed 50 tons! They are the champions of apnoea. They are the conquerors of the depths, where nothing is seen, where the pressure is 60 times greater than that of the surface, pressure that would literally make us implode.

For a long time, we could not dive with them. They were hunted and decimated until the 70s, for over a century. Those who survived flee the boats.

But today, in a few places in the world, we have managed to regain their confidence. Alongside the explorers of this new world, François Sarano, a former member of the Cousteau team, and Pierre Gallego from the Luxembourgish association Odyssea, we can finally meet them, where they live, in the immensity of the oceans! 

Direction: Guillaume Vincent

Production: Ciné Films Europe and Calach Films

Languages: French, English

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