Science 4x52'

Planet Ice

From The Alps to The Andes, The Arctic to The Himalayas, this series takes you on a spectacular scientific tour of the world’s most outstanding glaciers. They have survived for millennia, but do glaciers have a future?


Director Thierry Berrod is determined to discover the truth behind the increased water flow on the surface of these giant ice sheets. Join experts on expeditions to the highest weather stations in Europe and the world. Planet Ice features stunning aerial shots, perilous shootings in tunnels of ice and timelapse sequences with previously unpublished images.

  • The Alps, glaciers under close surveillance

  • Andes, the end os the Glaciers ?

  • Greenland, a journey under the ice

  • The Himalayas, the Above of Snow

Production: Mona Lisa Production

Directors: Thierry Berrod, Vincent Amouroux & Yanick Rose

Languages: French, English

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