Nature 26'

Once Upon a Time: The Savannah

Masaï Mara, Kenya. The sun rises, setting ablaze the savannah. It is the beginning of a new day for the animals that inhabit these wild expanses.


Some indolent lions, an agile cheetah, some playful giraffes, a greedy buffalo… At savannah’s core, a wide variety of creatures live side by side every day. From hunting scenes to social practices, passing by parenting skills, we become the privileged spectators of their daily life, as captivating as it is touching.

With its beautiful images, this documentary invites young and old to an escape to the heart of the African wilderness. Thus, it allows us to observe wild animals up close while informing us about the laws that rule their world.  

Direction: Robert Henno

Production: Into The Wild Productions

Languages: French, Español, English

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