Art & Culture History 52'

Neanderthal: The First Artist

In 1912, in the center of France, the oldest decorated cave in Europe is discovered. A century later, researchers collaborate in order to decipher its ornaments which revolutionize the history of art cave.

The cave mostly remained forgotten until now. Today, archaeologists and prehistorians are working together to understand the origins of its traces. According to their estimates, it is at least 60 000 old: twice the age of the oldest vestiges we previously knew! Art thus begins with the Neanderthal man - and not with Homo sapiens as we long believed. Could he even be the initiator of figurative art?

Thanks to an exclusive access to the site, we witness a fascinating investigation at the sources of creation as specialists unearth prehistoric treasures, while using state-of-art technologies (VR photogrammetry, 3D modelling).

Direction: Thibaud Marchand

Production: TSVP for ARTE

Delivery: May 2023

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