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Neanderthal: The First Artist

Art is thought to have emerged 30,000 years ago, from the mind and hands of our ancestor Homo Sapiens. But a recent discovery in the Touraine region of France could shake these certainties.

At the end of an unknown cave, La Roche Cotard, prehistorians have identified some surprising engravings.


How old are these unusual drawings? Are they the work of Homo Sapiens? Or could they have been made by another, more ancient human species: Neanderthal men? These mysterious carvings could shake up what we thought we knew about the origins of art.

Thanks to an exclusive access to the site, we witness a fascinating investigation at the sources of creation as specialists unearth prehistoric treasures, while using state-of-art technologies (VR photogrammetry, 3D modelling).

Direction: Thibaud Marchand

Production: TSVP for ARTE

Languages: French, English

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