Science 52'


It was long believed that modern man was born in Europe 40,000 years ago. But a recent discovery is forcing us to rethink everything we know.


On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, archaeologists recently uncovered an incredible rock painting depicting a wild boar. Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, an initial dating has been established: dating back more than 45,000 years ago, this fresco becomes the oldest figurative work ever discovered… But it could be even older! A finding which proves that highly evolved humans, endowed with a rich culture, already existed before Sapiens. Today, scientists are pursuing their research on the site, as Sulawesi still holds many secrets about the origins of man.


Following a team of international experts – including archaeologists Maxime Aubert (Canada), Adhi Angus-Oktaviana (Indonesia) and Adam Brumm (Australia) –, we delve into an incredible scientific adventure that promises to transform our understanding of human evolution.

Direction: Pascal Goblot & Denis Van Waerebeke, in collaboration with Léna Nicollet

Production: Zadig Productions & Escalenta for ARTE France

Delivery: Début 2025

Languages: French, English

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