History 4X52'

Megapolis, the Ancient World Revealed

Athens, Alexandria, Tikal and Rome: these legendary cities are some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites. And yet, they still have not revealed all their secrets.

Built as temples of knowledge, these extraordinary cities were the beating heart of the ancient world. How did they come up to life? What was it like to live there? How did they become such centers of learning and invention?

From the 5th century BC to the Roman Empire, this compelling documentary series will bring back to life the greatest ancient cities at the height of their powers. Combining stunning CGI reconstructions with contemporary footage of the vestiges of these sites, and with the contribution of renowned experts, this series sheds a new light on these architectural treasures and lost civilizations that laid the foundations of our modern world.

  • Athens
  • Alexandria
  • Tikal
  • Rome

Direction: Fabrice Hourlier

Production: Indigènes Productions for RMC Découverte

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