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Their names are Eugenie, Melissa, Alicia, Laura, Sarah and Caroline. They live in France, Canada or the United States. Each of them has aborted in the past. They look back on this choice that made them who they are today.


According to Planned Parenthood, one out of every two women experiences an unwanted pregnancy in her lifetime. Today, the right to abortion represents a major challenge since it remains prohibited or threatened – notably in the U.S. Six women have chosen to make use of this fundamental right. Each of them successively recounts the emotions and sensations they experienced. They remember the injunctions, the family and social pressure, the gynecological violence… but also the precious moments of support and kindness, the relief, and the female solidarity. Like a talking circle, this film breaks down taboos and denounces the stigma around abortion.


Live Your Life approaches the issue of abortion from an eminently human point of view, through a series of intimate and personal testimonies. A film that reminds us of the necessary fight for an essential and fragile right: the right to freely dispose of one’s body.

Direction: Marie-Pierre Jaury

Production: Point du Jour & Intuitive Picture for Radio-Canada & LCP

Languages: French, English

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