Science 4K 2x52’ 90’

The Secret History of Our Evolution

Our body is a true time machine. It is a mirror of the history of the living world. If an engineer today had to fabricate the ideal human, he would most likely not design us the way we are currently made. He would go to the most logical, the most efficient, the most rational; and when you look closely, this is not always what characterizes us.

By telling the story of our organs, this documentary in 4K makes us aware of an evolutionary timeline. Our nose is 40 million years old, our coccyx 25 million, our fingers 370 million, while our chin is only 200,000 years old!

Embark on an archeological exploration and discover the traces of our animal past. Through three time scales, we will go back to the hundreds of millions of years during which our organs were shaped, but also to the nine months a gestation that reproduces, in accelerated version, the formation process of our organs, and to the 24 hours necessary to mobilize all of our organs.

A return into the past that demonstrates that our organs, but also the use that we make of them, adapt to changes in environment and lifestyle. What adaptations will our body develop facing the future?

Episode 1: Underwater

Episode 2: On Land

Direction: Pierre-François Gaudry

Production: Mona Lisa Production & La métonymie for France Télévisions and CuriosityStream

Languages: French, English

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