Human Stories 13x26'


Accompanied by Cree musician Pakesso Mukash, this series takes us across the Americas to meet the new generation of Indigenous peoples. Through Hawaii, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru or Colombia, we meet these young "tradition keepers" who struggle day to day to find a place in a modern world. Today, some of them rise from the ranks to defend the right to protect their traditions. They aim to use a modern approach to restore and revitalize their cultural heritage while respecting the legacy of their ancestors.

An exciting journey at the heart of American tribes, this series explores their history, their political issues and identity conflicts. It takes us deep into the heart of each community (Mapuche, Quechuan, Sarayaku, Algonquin…) to witness their revival while throwing up some thought-provoking and challenging questions about their future and the changes they face.

  • Episode 1 - Hawaii: Food for Thought
  • Episode 2 - Chile: Liberty Through Music
  • Episode 3 - Mexico: Running for a Future
  • Episode 4 - Paraguay: What if you could go Back?
  • Episode 5 - Columbia: To Be Silent Is to Suffer
  • Episode 6 - Peru-Zenon: A Green Revolution
  • Episode 7 - Peru-Tania: Five Simple Words
  • Episode 8 - Ecuador: The Return of the Storyteller
  • Episode 9 - Guatemala: Fire Within Us
  • Episode 10 - British Columbia: Awaking a Generation
  • Episode 11 - Ottawa: I Am Missing
  • Episode 12 - Nova Scotia: All my Relations
  • Episode 13 - Arizona: Nation to Nation

Direction: Eli Laliberté & Steven Martin

Production: Groupe PVP

Languages: English

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