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The "Maison du Migrant" (migrant's house), is a haven of peace for Cameroonians, Congolese, Guineans, Ivorians and Burkinabe who are preparing to cross the Sahel, and for others who have just returned and are recounting their journey through hell.


Esther and Kady, two teenage girls from Burkina Faso, aged 15 and 16, are staying there until they find the strength to continue their journey. They become friends with Natacha, a migrant whose memory has been lost over the years, sharing moments of joy and hope.


Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou's camera wanders into this crossroads, where the transit of those who cross their paths augurs a future full of difficulties. "Le Dernier Refuge" captures this existential in-between, where everyone faces their own migration story of failure and trauma, of buried dreams and distress.

Direction: Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou

Production: Les Films du Balibari - Steps (Generation Africa), DS Productions for ARTE G.E.I.E.

Languages: French, English

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