Human Stories 18x26’ 36x13’

People of the World

This collection takes us all around the world to meet people who have developed different and specific ways of life by adapting to their environment. They are aware of the economic interest of their land, and they manage to benefit from it. From Bolivia to India or Lapland, discover how miners, rickshaw pullers, gold diggers or reindeer breeders live today. This complete immersion in other ways of life reveals the breadth and variety of the world around us.


Episode 1: People of the crowned stones

Episode 2: People of the large island

Episode 3: People of emeralds

Episode 4: People of salt

Episode 5: The people Sami

Episode 6: People of Greenland

Episode 7: The Woodabe people

Episode 8: People of Ndar Watch

Episode 9: People of Baïkal

Episode 10: People of the spoke

Episode 11: The Huaorani people

Episode 12: The Uro people

Episode 13: The Sherpa people

Episode 14: People of Zanskar

Episode 15: Singing people

Episode 16: The people Tibetan

Episode 17: People of Rickshaw-Wallahs

Episode 18: People of water

Episode 19: People of the Plata

Episode 20: The Maya people


Episode 1: People of Pakistan

Episode 2: People of West Africa

Episode 3: People of Southern Africa

Episode 4: People of Indonesia

Episode 5: People of Morocco

Episode 6:  People of Mexico

Episode 7: People of Siberia

Episode 8: People of the Faroe Islands

Episode 9: People of the Viêt-Nam

Episode 10: People of Colombia

Episode 11: People of India

Episode 12: People of Nepal

Episode 13: People of Iceland

Episode 14: People of Mali
Episode 15: People of the Belize

Episode 16: People of Guyana

Direction: Jean-François Bordier

Production: MC4

Languages: French, Neutral Spanish, English

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