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Keepers of the Forest

Leikerio is a Massaï. He works at the Lewa reserve at the foot of Mount Kenya and he is responsible for the protection of the 39 rhinoceroses living in the sanctuary. Like many other species, the rhino is threatened with extinction and the protection of guardian angels like Leikerio represents their only chance of survival.

From Costa Rica to Madagascar, «Keepers of the Forest» paints 14 portraits of these truly human beings, in their struggle to make certain that these animals which are often the treasure of their culture, continue to thrive.

  • Tambopata, Kingdom of the Aras
  • Rhinoceroses in the Massai Land
  • The Last Chance of the Lemurs
  • Saving the Spider Monkey
  • The Garden of the Sloth
  • Iguanas in Jamaica
  • The Living Forest
  • The Mermaids of Itamaraca
  • The Fangs of the Lake
  • The Red Colobus of Zanzibar
  • Paraoa, the Big Sperm Whale
  • The Faithful Bird
  • A Land of Refuge for the Lemur
  • The Guardian of Nariva

Direction: Benoit Ségur, Jérôme Ségur, Vincent Grémillon, Stéphane Alexandresco, Jean Queyrat et Hubert Roy

Production: ZED

awards & festivals

  • International Film Festival of Toulon (France)

    Students Jury Award, Keepers of the Forest - Rhinoceroses in the Masaï Land

  • International Environmental Film Festival (Morocco)

    Environmental Conservation Award, Keepers of the Forest - Tambopata, Kingdom of the Aras

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