Human Stories 52'

Ivory Knights

In the high plateaus of central Vietnam live the Mnongs, a proud and free people, whose ability to capture wild elephants has become legendary throughout all of Southeast Asia. Macoun is the greatest of all Ivory Knights, having caught more than 300 wild elephants during his lifetime. In the documentary, he teaches three young men the ancestral knowledge of elephant capture.

Issan, Mavé and Majung will track down a young wild elephant for several days and finally manage to catch it using a lasso. Upon returning to the village, the elephant is tamed for a few months and then released as a full-fledged member of the village community.

PRODUCTION: ZED with the participation of Canal + / AB Productions

Directors: Jean Queyrat, Jérôme Ségur

Languages: French, Arab, Brazilian Portuguese, Español, German, Neutral Spanish, Russian, English

awards & festivals

  • FIPA (France)

    Official Selection

  • Banff Mountain Film Festival (Canada)

    Official Selection

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